I. About application for summer school

1. Who are target students of ONPS summer school?
ONPS is open to students from all over the world. We encourage students who completed at least one year schooling in university, as well as incoming freshmen with excellent academic performances and English skills to join our program.

2. How to apply for ONPS International Summer School?
The whole process for application is completed through ONPS official website, namely is http://www.onpsummer.org/. Please click “ Register” located in top right corner of home page, then follow the procedures below to complete application:
Step 1: get registered with your Email, set the password, reset password, and hit the register button;
Step 2: fill in personal information;
Step 3: select a campus, the program and courses you are going to take;
Step 4: save information above, then make payment. Applicant can choose to pay application fee first, with the other fees paid later, or make full payment in the first place, however, only after receiving application fee, can application be accepted.
You are able to book courses after receiving admission letter by registered Email. We will reserve the booking for 30 days, so please make payment within 30 days after the booking, if not, we are sorry that the booking will be cancelled, however, you can still select courses again after finishing the payment, and the courses this time will be kept for good.(the number of students for each course will be no more than 50)

3. When is the deadline for application ?
Please pay attention to updates on official website for the deadline of application, normally it is due the day before summer school starts, however we can also accept the application 2 days before summer school starts if there are places available.

4. When will I receive the admission letter from summer school?
Admission letter will be sent by ONPS International Summer School after the application fee is paid.

5. What if I encounter difficulties during the process of application?
For any questions on application, please contact us by faq@onpsummer.org, or call us at 400-685-0162, and you can also find us through QQ or Wechat onps_faq. After being a student of our program, you will be assigned a one-to-one, exclusive customer service staff to help you through the whole process of the program, from application, letter of permission on course, to credit transferring and reissuing of transcript etc.

II. About payment

1. How much is tuition fee? And how can I make payment?
Please log in our official website for tuition information. When making payment, please note student’s name (not the remitter), contact information (remitter) in remark column, and keep the receipt. After making payment, do not forget to fill in payment information in Financial Section by logging in ONPS International Summer School Platform. Information includes bank name, remitter’s name, phone number of remitter, and student’s name.

2. Could you please check the payment I just made? (I just made payment but forgot to leave student’s information, so what can I do?)
Please do not be worried, generally speaking, it takes 1 working day to receive the payment for corporate account, and remittance services to corporate account is also not available during weekends. Please provide remitter’s name, remittance time, the amount and student’s name, and also leave your contact information, so as to contact you after we confirmed to receive the payment, well you can also send a payment document or a picture which shows you made payment successfully to faq@onpsummer.org, or contact your course adviser.

3. Is there any discount for registration now?
Current tuition fee can be found in our official website, please enter discount policy section for more information.

III. About course arrangement

1. How to deal with time conflicts among different courses?
The schedule in ONPS summer school is made according to requirements of the majority of students, which is literally unchangeable. The schedule definitely can not meet all students’ needs, therefore, once there are more than 15 students who request for adjustment on schedule, and send the application to faq@onpsummer.org, the schedule could be possibly adjusted after we verify the situation and report to the host university.

2. What if there is no course I like?
You can join “Courses, iVote” activity, and suggest we open the courses you like. Once customer service received 5 such suggestion, we will submit the application for extra course to host university, and the course will be added into the program if the application is approved.

3. What extracurricular activities do you have?
Apart from credit program, we have horseback riding, rock music, street dance, world famous brand garment appreciation, also, we have other kind of activates like CPA open class, CFA open class, job-seeking open class, GMAT&GRE open class, seminar on applying for top American business schools, business keynote speech, summit forum, and enterprise headquarter tour etc.

4. How many courses can I take in ONPS International Summer School?
Students can take 1 to 3 course in campuses from mainland of China, and 1 to 5 courses in Taiwan campus and Seoul campus.

5. Can I change the course after registration?
Yes, you can, we have online course selection system. Before summer school starts, you could change the course, apply for extra course or cancel the course through the system, what you need to do is to download the application form from application guidance section of official website, then print it out and fill in information, finally send the scanned application form to faq@onpsummer.org or your course adviser. Students can change courses until the noon of the first Wednesday after summer school starts. For courses which are canceled, student can get the refund, if extra courses are chose, students need to pay for the extra tuition fee. After filling in all information, you need to hand over the application form to university office before the noon of the first Wednesday after summer school starts, and the application will be accepted after related staff verified. Please be noted that office hour is from 9 am to 5 pm. For refund affair, please refer to refund policy section. 

6. How can I purchase textbooks?
We indicated in syllabus the textbooks needed for each course, students can buy textbooks according to their own needs, or we can help contact students who already bought electronic version, and share the material to other students who need it.

IV. Transcripts

1. How to get transcripts after the session?
Once the sessions is completed, ONPS will provide students with a copy of official transcript free of charge. What you need to do is to check your mailing information in the education system, namely, mailing address, recipient’s name and telephone numbers. Students who sign up for North American Prerequisite courses will not have transcripts but only a certificate. Tuition balance should be paid and tests need to be taken, if anyone requires an official transcript.

2. How to apply for extra transcripts?
Students can apply for extra transcripts by sending requests to faq@onpsummer.org and extra fees need to be paid, CNY 40 for issuing one extra copy of transcript, CNY 260 for each international delivery, and students have to bear express fee by collect if transcripts are sent to addresses in China. Once the appropriate payment is received by us, we will start the process of issuing and mailing transcripts. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days during the school time of our host universities, while during holidays, we will have to wait till the school begins. Even though we will try to communicate with universities, no guarantee can be made to get the official transcripts during the holidays.

V. Credit Transfer

1. How many credits of each course in summer school can be transferred?
Generally speaking, 4 credits can be transferred for taking one course in our summer schools, however, it differs from university to university, for instance, 5 credits can be transferred to University of Washington, Seattle, while only 3 credits in University of Ottawa. The number of transferable credits is in line with the number of credits set for the same course in your home university, if it’s 3 credits in your university, then 3 credits will be transferred. In this case, we suggest that you should check with your university about how many credits transferable while getting pre-approval of the courses.

2. Will credits earned in summer schools affect students’ GPA in universities in North America?
All courses set on ONPS summer school platform are in line with the standards of credits transfer in North America, and so far our credit courses have been accepted by over 300 universities in North America. All of our host universities are officially accredited by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, and also accepted by the USA. Credits earned in ONPS summer schools are transferable, however, GPA is not transferred. Due to the fact that specific requirements of credit transfer differ among universities, students should ask their advisors for accurate information in their own universities.

3. How to transfer credits successfully?
The process is very simple:
Step 1: Download course syllabus on ONPS website, and submit it to the relevant department in your university, such as Study Abroad Office, or the advisor in charge of the course, to confirm whether credits can be transferred in the future.
Step 2: If pre-approval has been granted from your university, you are able to join our program.
Step 3: After final exam, final grades will be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs in the host university.
Step 4: The official transcripts will be sent directly from the Office of Academic Affairs in our host university in China to your home university in North America.
Step 5: Upon receiving the official transcripts, your home university will start the process of credit transfer.
For more information, please click www.onpsummer.org

4. How long will students’ grades be kept?
For those who have successfully transferred credits to their home universities and sent the screenshots (or any other type of certification) of the transferred credits to ONPS or our host universities by emails, we will keep their grades for as long as 5 years and extra official transcripts can be issued upon request within this period. For those who have not sent us any type of certification for their transferred credits, we will keep their grades for 2 years.
Regarding certifications of transferred credits: certifications of transferred credits include any type of materials that show the success of your credits transferred to your home university, such as, a notification email from your home university, or a screenshot of successfully transferred credits of yours or any other student in your university, or a scanned copy of your paper notification.

5. Is there an expiration date for transferred credits?
Credits earned and transferred from ONPS host universities are as same as the credits earned in your home universities. If there is no expiration date for credits earned in your home universities, it is the same with the credits from our program. Generally speaking, credits can be transferred when students transfer from one university to another, however, some universities do not accept credits earned from summer schools, which means even successfully transferred credits from summer school programs might be rejected by the new university.

VI. Accommodation

1. What should I do if my application for accommodation fail?
Due to the limited number of rooms, accommodation arrangements will be "first paid first served.” You may apply through our official website as early as possible. If you have any questions about your accommodation application, please email faq@onpsummer.org. We will try to ensure that you have a comfortable stay during the summer session.

2. Is on-campus housing available?
As on-campus dormitories are not well-facilitated, we normally book our students a hotel nearby so that you shall have a comfortable environment during your stay.

3. I have already paid my accommodation fee, but now I decide not to stay there. Can I get a refund?
You can submit your request for a refund and wait till somebody else has booked your room, then you will be refunded. If no one books your room, then you will not be refunded.

4. I have booked a single room. Can my friend come and sleep over?
It is fine as long as you have the hotel’s consent.

VII. Registration Day

1. When is the Registration Day?
We will inform you of the detailed arrangements of the Registration Day one or two weeks before school starts.

2. Are you going to pick me up at the airport on Registration Day?
We will send two or three dedicated buses to pick you up at the airport. All details will be emailed to you before the Registration Day.

3. What should I do if I cannot arrive at the designated location on Registration Day?
You are expected to arrive on time during the Registration Day. If not, you can go check in directly at the hotel, and then go to the designated office to register your presence next day before your class meeting time.

4. Does it affect my grades if I have to arrive at school one week later?
You need to have your professor’s permission to arrive later. We will not interfere with the professor's assessment of your performance. You need to consult your professor whether late arrival will affect your grades.