Summer Course

As a summer session program, ONPS organizes universities in Asia to host professors from US universities. These professors then instruct standard North American courses for international students enrolled in both foreign or Chinese universities. These courses are credit-transferable to North American higher-learning institutions. The undergraduate-level course subjects on offer are in economics, business, the social sciences, STEM, Humanities and the arts. Each course is equal to 4 credits of the North American semester system. Meanwhile, the complete summer session lasts for 5-6 weeks. Excluding foreign-language curriculums, all courses are conducted in English. The total class sessions for each course is 60 hours (based on North American standards, 50 minutes counts as an hour of lecture session). The host university is solely responsible for supervising the classroom facilities, the teaching faculty, providing transcripts and insuring that the course credits will be officially transferred. The host university also establishes a Teaching Quality Evaluation Committee. The function of this committee is to ensure that the course curriculum’s objectivity and pedagogical rigor are maintained. It pairs a professor from the host university with an international professor arriving from a shared academic field/department. Together, they evaluate, review, and assess the teaching and course curriculum. All the while, ONPS’s main duties — as a cooperative partner — are to ensure the marketing, promotions, and student enrollments are efficiently and timely managed.

Students can only enroll in classes that do not overlap. Since there are a fixed number of students per course, impacted courses will stop accepting students after hitting a maximum enrollment ceiling. If the student still wants to add the course, he or she can submit an application to be waitlisted. In this stage, only if a space is made available by an enrolled student dropping the course can a waitlisted student add the course. Special Chinese-themed courses are made available by students' demand. These courses are transferable as optional course credits once accepted by the students’ host North American universities. .

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