Course Reference

Since 2010, well over 10000 students from 400 North American universities have successfully completed summer-school sessions at Qingdao University, Southwest Jiaotong University, and National Taipei University of Technology. The programs and courses offered by all the host universities fully comply to the standards and requirements of the credit-transfer system in North American institutions of higher learning.

Course Reference
Listed below are the general requirement for course assessment and acceptance for North American universities. This information is collected from North American universities.
Any course taken for credit from a summer study abroad program must meet the following criteria:
I. The course program must be a minimum of 5 weeks.
II. Contact hours between instructors and students must be a minimum of 37 hours for a non-foreign language-based course. Meanwhile, for a foreign language-based course, it is a minimum of 52 hours.
III. Students much pass the course with a C- or better in order to receive credit.
V. The host university must be formally accredited in the US or abroad. Language schools do not qualify.

1.Teaching Language 

As a general requirement, all courses taught under the ONPS program are taught in English.

2.Program Schedule 

Meeting the general requirement, the summer course sessions last respectively 5/6 weeks.

3.Host University

As required, our host universities are reputable higher-learning institutions based in Greater China and officially accredited in the US and Canada. These universities take full responsibility for matters concerning educational affairs, such as organizing curriculum, administration, grade policies, issuing transcripts and supervising course work and instructors. Meanwhile, ONPS is responsible for managing student services and non-academic issues for each host campus. The host university officially handles and issues all transcripts.

Minzu University of China is the leading academic center for and about Chinese ethnic minorities. It is overseen by the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, as well as the State Education Commission. For this reason, students of Minzu University sit for two sets of official exams. In the anglophone world, University of East London (UK) and Oregon University system (USA) are the two main partners of Minzu University.

Qingdao University comprises of 37,000 students, for which 5,000 are postgraduates and over 1,000 are international students. Since 1980, Qingdao University has hosted over 10,000 students from more than 60 countries. Of its 900 strong faculty members, the university boasts several reputable domestic and international scholars. There are 23 academics (including assistant academics) who are members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Southwest Jiaotong University (SWJTU) is one of the oldest universities in China with an engineering program. Founded in 1896, Southwest Jiaotong University was originally entitled the Imperial Chinese Railway Colleg. It was and later renamed from the Tangshan Jiaotong University to the Tangshan Railway Institute. It is one of the earliest established universities in China and is known as the “cradle for the Chinese railway engineers.” A long history of forming international partnerships, SWJTU has established exchange programs with over 80 universities and institutes from 60 countries and regions. It is a member of the “4+4” Cooperation Plan between universities in China, France, and TAMDEM. This program covers a variety of students and degrees.

National Taipei University of Technology is the first university in China established by the Catholic Church. Dedicated as a science research-based institution, Fu Jen University is committed to integrating Western and Chinese cultural values to promote the spirit of a common humanity and world solidarity. The university maintains a well-rounded educational ethos that incorporate general and specialized curriculums, all the while placing a special emphasis on humanities. As one of its founding principles, Fu Jen University seeks to create collaborative partnerships and cross-cultural understanding with like-minded international universities.

4.Curriculum Structure (assessment standards, content, textbook)

ONPS meets all the requirements set by North American university standards, including grading scale (4.0 GPA scale), midterm exams, final exams, and quizzes. All syllabi are designed by our international professors. This means content material, texts, course description, learning outcomes, and assignments are based on their own pedagogical discretion. All of the involved faculty members either graduated from renowned North American universities, or experienced teaching in these educational institutions. Therefore, their syllabi exactly conform to the standard curriculum of their teaching institutions in the US and Canada.

5.Courses Equivalency

In meeting the requirements that our courses are either accredited courses or directly equivalent to North American curricula, we fully abide by the credit-transfer requirements of US and Canadian institutions. Therefore, without exception, all the host universities only offer equivalent courses that directly align with their North American counterparts. The highly successful credit transfers to North American universities include sections in introductory-level courses, elective courses, general education courses, and major-concentered courses. We not only offer major-concentered courses but also general education courses essential for graduation, such as SS, HUM, IW, NW, CA, and OC.

The ONPS International Summer School is in charge of maintenance for network platforms and non-educational activities. Amongst our duties is to provide information regarding credit transfer policies for your home institution. We will adhere to the requirements set by the universities and colleges not in our network list, so that students can transfer their credit to these institutions. Again, our duty is to comply to the rules and regulations of your home university academic policies.

You can generally locate information related to credit transfer in your home university’s official website. In conjunction, you can consult with your academic advisor for the most up-to-date information about credit transfers. Prior to summer session, it is imperative that you contact the Study Abroad Office, Admissions Office, Office of Registrar or relevant department of your home university to assess and verify your summer course selection. This straightforward process will confirm what credits are transferrable. In order to help expediate this process, the ONPS International Summer School provides information pertaining to course syllabus, professor information, and program certification.