1. Sign up on the ONPS website. An e-mail notice will be sent to you confirming successful registration.
2. Log in to your account and complete the online application for personal information, campus, and course selections.
3. After submitting the application form, you are required to pay a $50 USD application fee. After you have selected the number and type of course you plan to enroll, you can then log in to your account and enter the Financial Center webpage. Once in the Financial Center webpage, please fill in the payment information and then submit the completed form.
4. Once ONPS receives the application fee, official staff members will evaluate your application package. You will be sent a letter of acceptance and your seat in the course will be reserved for 30 days. Once you have pre-registered for the course, you have 30 days to pay the complete tuition. Once your payment is made, your seat in the course is reserved until summer session commences.
Tips:Please download the relevant syllabus and evaluate the course at your home university before applying for the course, to make sure the credits are transferable. If the summer school needs to be clarified in the evaluation process, please indicate that your are applying for xx University international summer session. For example, Qingdao University International Summer Session. Please do not refer ONPS as the summer school, as ONPS only work with our host universities to promote their summer program and provide student activities services. The academic affairs are managed by our host universities and the transcripts are also issued by them.