Career Program

Career Program
The career program is operated as a platform for communication between our students and government officials, elite entrepreneurs and experts. It is designed to help overseas students to get a more professional career planning. Besides helping students create a vision of globalization, the program pays more attention to accumulate and update the information of different domestic industries to students. It is designed for students who have a vision of globalization and entrepreneurship. It contains courses covering skill training and career developing etc. to help students get more professional knowledge and experiences. 

Citibank Young Talent Summer Camp
Learning the idea from the experienced investor, communicating with HR director face to face, inquiring interview experiences. ONPS will help you to achieve your dreams, give you a real chance to practices in the program and receive executives suggestion,you’ll have a special summer here.

Career program in Ctrip
ONPS organize students visit the pioneer company in travel services--Ctrip. The HR director of Ctrip in Beijing division share his experiences with students and give them some suggestions on their future career. 

Ivy League entrepreneurship forum
Entrepreneurship, as the most popular issue, plays a very important role. ONPS invites elites in each industry to hold various activities, sharing experiences with students, which bring much valuable information.