Cultural exploration Program

Five thousands long historical culture has created numerous miracles. With the rising economics in China, the extensive and profound Chinese culture is gradually rousing the attention of scholar from home and outside. The craving for Chinese outstanding culture has already become the hot issue in the worldwide.

The culture exploring program in ONPS international summer school platform is aim to carry forward Chinese culture, it designs culture trip and lectures for students and professors to get to know China. 

Movable Type

ONPS organize students and professors to experience one of the Four Great Ancient Inventions of China--Movable Type; they can experience the making process by themselves. All the participants thought this is a really talent and interesting inventions.

Chinese Calligraphy 
In the world, there are few nationalities have the art of calligraphy. Chinese calligraphy has a long history. ONPS has invited a well-known calligrapher to tell the origins and development of Chinese characters. Professor could feel the charm of Chinese traditional culture from it.

Fantasy in the historical city- Beijing
With the company of our volunteers and tour guide, professor visit the great architecture from Qing dynasty, lotus market and Nanluo Guxiang lane, experience the individual local customs and practices

Besides, students and professors in ONPS travel to the Mount Tai, they saw the great sight view on the top of the mountain. Mount Tai is the symbolic of China, the epitome of great culture, the place represent the harmony with nature.