Career Planning

Career Planning

Career planning program aims to build an exchange platform that connects elite entrepreneurs, business executives and distinguished scholars so as to help overseas students better plan for their future careers. With Skills Training courses and Career Development courses being offered, this program is designed to help students develop a global perspective and leadership spirit, learn about the expertise of various trades and lay a solid foundation for future careers.


Program Introduction

Career Planning program gives you a chance to learn about investment philosophy from seasoned investors and an opportunity of face-to-face communication with Human Resource directors, from which you can hear enlightening talks by Citibank executives and also get job interview tips first-hand. We help you move forward and get closer to making your dream a reality, making your summer vacation a most fulfilling and colorful one.

Career Guidance - A Visit to Ctrip

ONPS organized students to visit Ctrip, a leading travel service company in China, where they listened to the HR director of Ctrip Beijing Branch sharing workplace experience.

Ivy League Entrepreneurship Lectures

ONPS initiated a series of Entrepreneurship Forums and Entrepreneurship Contests and invited business elites from all walks of life to share their start-up experiences, which inspired greatly the students’ entrepreneurial spirit.

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ONPS is committed to building an exchange platform of elite entrepreneurs, business executives and distinguished scholars. In addition to credit courses, there are a variety of non-credit courses and extracurricular activities, such as Rock & Roll, Hip-hop, Equestrianism, Sailing, Career Planning, Cultural Exploration, etc., infusing more fun and excitement into students’ after-school life.