Platform Mission

About ONPS


ONPS helps students be successful in a continually developing, globalized world through its study and work platform which integrates education resources for credit transferability.

By adhering to a RESPECT-based value system, ONPS supports its mission and promotes understanding of our goals through all aspects of our programs and operations:

ONPS maintains:
Student-Centered Mindset
Cultural Awareness

The international credit-course program provides students of different nationalities, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, and faiths an opportunity to shape their values as world citizens. Additionally, ONPS has scholarships available to increase the opportunity to those who might not otherwise have access.  Working with many well-known universities throughout Asia, we develop courses with advantages of interdisciplinary university and industry environments, i.e. our 3C model (Credit Course, Career Development and Culture Engagement) that allow local culture to be immersed in the courses and provide career-oriented planning for students. These are not only important courses in the regular university student development programs, but they are also open to international students, allowing more students to experience multiculturalism and explore their own positions and future outlooks.

Cool Extracurricular Programming

  • Business Fieldtrips: Hands-on experience visiting brand-name companies and networking with senior business leaders.
  • Cultural Exploration: Itinerary-based tours through city hotspots and cultural activities
  • Network Development: Creating Alumni Contacts and Social/Professional Networking

Full Client-Based Services

  • Housing: Affordable and comfortable student accommodations are provided
  • Insurance: No less than 100,000 CNY covers each student for personal accidents or injuries
  • Emergency Services: A 24-hour hotline for emergencies is kept open by our staff
  • Express Delivery: Official transcripts are delivered without extra charge
  • Transportation Services: Public and private transportation services are accessible to all students and staff

Convenient Online Student-Services System

  • Recommendation System: You can share your “Recommendation Code” to get double privileges.
  • Review on Grade Results: If there are any question about final grades, students can submit a form for enquiry of grade results to ensure academic honesty and objectivity.
  • Transcript Status: You can log in to your ONPS account to track the delivery status of of your transcripts.

Cool Activities in Host-Campus Cities

Any idea about where to have fun while taking our summer school courses?
Please visit our website regularly to find out current news about the exciting activities organized in your host-campus city. We hope to plan an unforgettable summer with some old friends and the new ones to be made.