Summer School Credit Transfer Opportunity

The mission of ONPS is to help students be successful in a continually developing, globalized world through its study and work platform which integrates education resources for credit transferability. For students studying abroad, credit transferability is a top priority. To that end, ONPS has facilitated several special relationships to provide students with options to transfer their course credit back to their home institution.

Direct Collaboration

This relationship allows for universities in China and abroad to offer their courses through the ONPS platform. Courses are taught by qualified university faculty. Transcripts are sent directly from the University.

School of Record

This relationship makes it possible for students who study in Minzu University of China to receive a U.S. official transcript.

Academic Review

Universities and School(s) of Record which maintain a relationship with ONPS oversee the review and approval of every course, academic practices and processes, procedures, and standard. The Universities and the School(s) of Record observe, evaluate, and validate the equivalency of the courses taught by holding them to the same academic standards applied at its home campus, thus, they are approved for credit and transcripted by the University itself or the School(s) of Record. The Academic Review process includes an Academic Review Committee of faculty, administrators, and staff from the Universities and the School(s) of Record. This committee ensures the quality and goal achievement by conducting reviews and by creating reports that are shared among these education partners.

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