Jaebeom Suh

Jaebeom Suh

Kansas State University
Education Background
2001 Ph.D University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (Major in Marketing)
1994 MS University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI (Major in Marketing Research)
1989 MBA Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea (Concentration: Marketing)
1987 BA Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea (Major in Business Administration)

Teaching Background 
08/2008 - present Associate professor of Marketing at Kansas State University (Tenured and promoted on July 1, 2008 at Kansas State University)
08/2001 - 07/2008 Assistant professor of Marketing at Kansas State University
11/2015 – present Guest Professor at Institute for Global Social Responsibility, Hallym University, Korea

Research Field
Working Paper Series by SSRN (Social Science Research Network) Hyun, Yong Jin., Jaebeom Suh, Gyu-Heon David Hyun, and Sungjun Park (2015), “A Psychological Approach to Define Trust in Exchange Relationships - Trust Characterized by Cognitive, Affective, and Conative Dimensions,” Social Science Research Network (SSRN, KAIST College of Business), Working Series No. 2015-016.

Refereed Journals 
Kim, Jiyoung, Hae-Ryong Kim, Russell Lacey, and Jaebeom Suh (2018), "How CSR impact meaning of 
work and dysfunctional customer behavior," Journal of Service Theory and Practice, 28 (4), 507-

Suh, Jaebeom, Dawn Deeter-Schmelz, Taehyun Suh, and Hyun Seung Jin (2018), “Product 
Classifications Revisited with Transparency Effect: A Forgotten Link between Consumer 
Research and Marketing Strategy,” Asia Marketing Journal, 20 (1), 49-68 

Jang, Jichul, Jaebeom Suh, Hyejin Kwon (2017), “A Multi-level Approach of Organizational Citizenship 
Behaviors in the Hotel Industry, Journal of Tourism and Industry Research. 

Yoon, Ju-Hee, Yong-Cheol Hwang, Jaebeom Suh, and Jae-Gyun Kim (2017), “Chinese Tourist Shopping Satisfaction and Brand Attitude to Korean Cosmetics: A Disconfirmation Approach,” Journal of 
Distribution Science, 15(10), 51-63. 

Book Chapters Suh, Jaebeom (invited, 2019, forthcoming), “Korean Wave and National Branding,” in Identity, Interest, and Power in East Asia Popular Culture (tentative title), Yeonhee Yoon, eds., University of Notre Dame Press.
Suh, Jaebeom (2015), “Implications of Corporate Social Responsibility on Business Strategy Development,” The Globalization of Corporate Social Responsibility in Korea,” Editor, Kiwoong Yang, Hanrim University Press, Korea (written in Korean).
Hernandez, Monica D., Michael S. Minor, Jaebeom Suh, Sindy Chapa, and Jose A. Salas (2004), “Brand Recall in the Advergaming Environment: A Cross-Country Comparison,” in Advertising, Promotion, and New Media, Marla R. Stafford and Ronald J. Faber, eds., M.E. Sharpe., 298-319.

Book Translations 
I translated Chapter 7 (persuading consumers), Chapter 8 (Print and Broadcasting Advertising to Social and Mobile Media), and Chapter 9 (Reference Group and Word-of-Mouth) of a textbook (Consume Behavior by Schiffman and Wisenblit (11th edition), Peason) into Korean language, which will be published as a Korean textbook in 2016. The editor of this translated textbook is Dr. Yong-Chul Hwang, at Jeju National University, Korea.