Kun Zhao

Kun Zhao

Tulane University

Education Background

2009 Ph.D. in Mathematics, Georgia Institute of Technology Advisor: Ronghua Pan 

2004 M.S. in Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of China Advisor: Zuchi Chen

2001 B.S. in Mathematics, University of Science and Technology of China 


Teaching Background

2012  Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, Tulane University  

2011  Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Iowa  

2009  Postdoctoral Researcher, Mathematical Biosciences Institute Mentors: Edriss S. Titi, Tong Li, Yuan Lou


Research Field

V. Martinez, Z. Wang and  K. Zhao. Asymptotic and viscous stability of large-amplitude solutions of a hyperbolic system arising from biology. To appear in Indiana University Mathematics Journal.

V. Martinez and  K. Zhao. Analyticity and dynamics of a Navier-Stokes-Keller-Segel system on bounded domains, Dynamics of Partial Differential Equations, Vol. 14, pp. 125-158, 2017.

L. Rebholz, C. Zerfas and  K. Zhao. Global in time analysis and sensitivity analysis for the reduced NS-α model of incompressible flow, Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics, Vol. 19, pp. 445-467, 2017.