Qingdao University International Summer Session


Winter Session(5Weeks)
2020.12.14 to 2021.01.15
Summer Session (5Weeks)
2021.05.31 to 2021.07.02
Summer Session(5Weeks)
2021.06.14 to 2021.07.16
  • 崂山书院 / 归来世界,东方文化体验栖息地
  • 青岛 · 手作活动 | 用匠人之心体会皮革之美

Qingdao University International Summer Session

Qingdao University is a key comprehensive university integrating the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and other academic disciplines.

Faculty Team

Qingdao University International Summer School invites professors from famous foreign universities such as Emory University,Tulane University, University of Wisconsin-Stout, as well as professors from popular Chinese universities.



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