Profusion Activities


When we run out of energy and stop moving forward, the things which drive us to keep going might be the pairs of “ never give up” eyes, firm belief, and the heart full of unwilling. Get on the top, set hands free from the cliff, and then fly in the sky to conquer your psychological fear. More than climbing, we should move forward without being cowardly in our best age.

The First Experience of Bow and Arrow

Drawing the bow and aiming at target are the most important parts for archery. Keep draw-wrist straight, and fully draw the bow so as to shoot the arrow in a straight line. Do not be fooled by any pictures or videos, archery is not as easy as you think, while it takes a lot of effort to fully draw a bow. After fully drawing the bow, you can start to aim at target. Make sure the handle of arrow, aim point, and the target are in the same line, then shoot the arrow which may hit the target. The first time to miss the target, or hit the ninth ring within a few hours, all those made our experience more memorable and meaningful.