School Calendar

The operation of China Jiliang University international summer session will be in strict accordance with the important date of the host university.
The operation date of China Jiliang University :2019/07/08(Monday)-----2019/08/16(Friday);

Items Hangzhou Campus
Application Starts September. 4th(Tue)
Early Application I December. 1st (Sat)
Early Application II January. 1st(Tue)
Early Application III February. 1st(Fri)
Early Application IV March. 1st(Fri)
Early Application V April. 1st(Mon)
Late Application
After June 1st(Sat)
Accommodation Application Deadline
Deadline for Tuition and Fees
July. 6th(Sat)
Registration and Checking in
School Begins
July. 8th(Mon)
Deadline for Course Alteration
July. 10th(Wed)
Deadline for course withdrawal
(marked with “W” on the transcript)

August. 8th(Thu)
Final Exam
August. 16th(Fri)
Leave School
August. 17th(Sat)
Release Grades Online

August. 23rd(Fri)
Deadline for Reconsideration
August. 28th(Wed)
Mail Transcripts
September. 9th(Mon)

China Jiliang University international summer session will provide pick up service during the reports day.Please refer to the above information about each important date and introduction during the session.After the session end,China Jiliang University will sent out all the transcript within one month.