About US

 Located in the Zhejiang Province, China Jiliang University sits in the scenic city of Hangzhou. As a provincial university, it was originally established as the Hangzhou Metrology School. Then in 1985, the Ministry of Education of China upgraded it to the now designated title of China Jiliang University. Needless to say, the metrology department is a leader in the field. In 2011, the engineering program was also recognized for its outstanding contributions and achievements.

Since the initiation of the 973 Program, China Jiliang University has presided over 248 national and 450 provincial projects. The university has participated in several major national R&D projects and international scientific and technological collaborations. Amongst their accolades include several prizes and recognitions from the provincial and national levels. The higher learning institution has been awarded second-place prize as a National Technical Invention award and first place in the National Science Award of the Ministry of Education and Zhejiang Province Scientific and Technological Award. The various academic departments have published over 2910 research articles, including in SCI, EI and other prestigious peer-reviewed journals. Meanwhile, the university boasts 642 patented inventions.

China Jiliang University has cultivated a network of cooperative agreements with 46 universities and scientific research institutions from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. Through these collaborative agreements, the university has rapidly developed in improving administrative, faculty, and research standards that meet international rigor. In 2016, the university has built important bridges with colleges and universities from New Zealand and the United Kingdom. This valuable collaboration has produced two undergraduate education programs. Moreover, such cross-cultural exchanges have solidified the university’s place with its partners as an important contributor to the international scientific community. These joint ventures have helped materialize the Hangzhou-Dresden liaison office. This partnership between Sino and German academics allows the two to effectively communicate and meaningfully exchange potential educational programming and research endeavors.

In 2017, with a long history of inter-cultural academic exchanges, China Jiliang University officially opened an international summer school that met the requisite standards of other global-minded universities. This summer program hosted professors from top universities outside and within China, offering 20 courses that reflected the American summer-school experience. The program provided world-class university courses for both Chinese and overseas students, while all along set amongst the tranquil beauty of Hangzhou.