Profusion Activities

Flower Arrangement

Mountains, wild flowers by the roadside, trees between skyscrapers, all natural sceneries are around us, we just need to observe, and to be touched, then we will find out the truth of life, and learn flower arrangement. No matter it is flower or human being, a soul is a must to survive. The spirit of flower arrangement is to embody in an elegant style the uniqueness of soul rooted deeply inside. Flower arrangement turns life into art, and in reverse turns art into life.

Leather Ware DIY

The activity was held in MR. Leather Studio, a very stylish DIY workshop. Through the activity, we all understood how hard it is to make a leather product. It might be the first time to do handwork with needle and thread for some of our students. Small piece of artwork it might be, but unique and priceless for students. With the activity, we suggest students, in our daily life, try to join hands-on activities instead of focusing on cell phone, and in return you will find out life could be so different.