Official Transcript

Host University Transcript

The respective academic department of the host university, in this case Qingdao University, issues student transcripts. The transcript is enclosed in an envelope with an official seal of the host university. The host university will then directly forward all the transcripts to the student’s home university. Therefore, please provide us with the CORRECT mailing address, zip code, and recipient’s name and telephone number in the submission form. All the aforementioned information is NECESSARY for your transcript to be processed and delivered to your home university in North America. All transcripts will be sent out by express mail and arrive within 5-7 business days. Students can verify the status of their transcript on ONPS platform’s Student Center online for the tracking number.

Extra Transcript Request
If you need additional copies of the transcript issued by the host university, please contact our course consultant by calling 400-685-0162 or send an e-mail to For each additional transcript, it is $6/ ¥40 printing fee and $40/ ¥260 delivery fee.