Profusion Activities

Career Planning Program

Get all things done in your whole life within one minute! It is similar to our life journey, as long as we set an achievable goal, well know about our occupation, and then take action, our life would be different! To be with us, we have various career planning seminars for you to build a bright future by reasonably planning your career.

Calligraphy Learning

It is the first time to visit China, a country with time-honored history and civilization, for most of our professors, while Calligraphy is one of the treasures among cultural heritages of China, it is definitely the first choice to experience Chinese culture. Calligraphy is a kind of art presenting Chinese characters in a static way, and its beauty lies in the overall harmony, we can say Calligraphy is voiceless music, a dance on the paper. While learning Calligraphy, professor can also experience the mystery and glamour of ancient China.