Northwest Missouri State University(Shanghai) will solely responsible for supervising the course setting, teaching affair, grading, giving transcript and etc process to insure the credits would recognized by the universities in North American.The course subjects are not only the regular planned curriculum in the host university, but also corresponding the courses in the overseas campus; so its meet the transfer credit requirement of North American universities,  each course is equal to 3 credits in North American semester system. The whole summer session lasts for 5 weeks, all the other courses are taught in English apart from foreign language courses. The total contact hour for each course is 48 hours (50 minutes count as a contact hour, the calculation is based on universities in North America method)
The summer school could also setup special courses based on the students’ requirement, these credit courses when eventually transfer to the optional course credit after admitting by the American university.

Course Adjustment

Before school starts, you can switch courses online all by yourself. If you need to add or drop a course, please contact our customer service (tel: 400-685-0162).On the first two school opening days, (that’s Monday and Tuesday), students are allowed to change, quit or add courses as you want by downloading the adjustment application form and handing it to school office before 12:00 on Wednesday in the first week. And the correlated procedures will be followed after verifying by the teacher in charge. Students are responsible for the textbook cost due to courses adjustment.  And if students want to choose more courses, students need to pay the extra tuition according to the actual courses they choose.
Withdraw from a course: 
According to the host universities’ academic requirements, the deadline of withdrawing a course is 5:00 pm on April in the fourth week. For the more detail and exact date, please see the ‘Important Dates’ part of our official website. Students can withdraw a course by filling a Withdraw Application form and handing the form to the teacher in charge before the deadline. The course withdrawn will present a “W” in the transcript and students will not be able to get the refund of this course then.


The midterm exam is given during the third week of school. The format of exam is flexible and is decided by the professor in charge.  The test paper signed by the professor shall be handed over on the fourth-week.  Exam papers shall be printed according to the actual class size and kept sealed, which shall not be opened until the exam ; then submit it on the regular meeting in the fourth week. The professor, teaching assistant, and the appointed examination supervisor shall supervise the final exam.

Scores and EOR (Enquiry on Result)

Every foreign professor shall submit the grading policy to the Secretary-general to describing the class performance, homework and exams’ proportion  in the final scores during the first Regular Meeting. Students’ final scores shall be given strictly in line with the criteria, 10% of which shall be inspected by the Academic Affairs Office in a sample survey. Professors will be informed if there is any inconsistencies on grading, suggestion will be given after discussing. 

Students who have any objections for their scores can discuss it with the professor. If they fail to reach an agreement, student can propose an EOR (the EOR procedure can be found on Academics section of ONPS official website). Deputy Director of the Committee will carry out a re-check of the scoring and gather information about the student’s performance from the professor and teaching assistant. The EOR results will be issued within a week in written form to the student.