Profusion Activities


When having seen for too many times, we tend to take craftsmanship for granted no matter how sophisticated it is, however, after the firsthand experience, it would be a different story. By personal experience, we understood the hard work, delicacy, and the cultural deposits behind each craftsmanship. We won’t realize until we touched pieces of pliable paper that they are just like people, who can only be passed down by generations and remain energetic and young by being deeply rooted in homeland.

Visit of Bank of China

Bank of China, as the most internationalized and diversified bank in China provides comprehensive financial services for more than 38 countries. Accompanied by the bank staff, students visited interior working environment, experienced enterprise atmosphere, and learnt the culture. During interactive section, students asked questions including recruitment, internship, the future challenges and opportunities, all which were answer warmly by Bank Director and Bank Manager, enabling student to have a deeper understanding about bank industry.