Benefits and Credits for ONPS Students

Through our large network of partnerships with over 10 of the world’s famous universities and more than 1,00 North American professors, ONPS has successively offered 200 international courses for nearly 300,000 students.


Accredited North American University Curriculum and Credits

The courses offered by ONPS are standard North American credit courses. The curriculum language (English), course content and teaching materials are all set according to the requirements of the accredited universities in North America. More than 200+ courses cover all disciplines, including economics, business, social science and humanities, etc., which meets the diversified needs of students studying different majors. Students who are studying in North America or have received admissions can take a semester worth of credits and transfer those credits to their home universities.


Opportunities for Highly Coveted Internships and Rewarding Work Experience

ONPS strives to create a high-end networking platform so that cosmopolitan-minded students, North American scholars and global top 500 companies can all exchange ideas and collaborate. Every year, ONPS recruits teaching assistants who will assist foreign academics coming to China. All the while, we provide internship opportunities in financials institutions and markets in North America for students, encouraging them to build work experience and develop a sense of self-worth so that they may live their lives to their full potential.


An Exclusive Social Networking Platform for the Global-Minded

Talented students from a diverse range of universities work together to exchange ideas and experiences. As a peer-based curriculum, ONPS organizes workshops led by qualified students with senior-level experience within the classroom, as well as the corporate world. They share their know-how, organization and planning, and innovative business models for aspiring young entrepreneurs in North America. As a result, you will be inspired to embrace the challenges a globalized economy brings.


Student-Teacher Ratio Means Intimate Classroom Environment and Recommendation Letters

The low student-teacher ratio cultivates a pedagogically close relationship between the undergraduates and their professors from Harvard, Stanford, Yale, MIT, Columbia University, etc. Students will work in close contact with professors during their course work. Qualified students can then request letters of recommendations from professors for the purposes of studying abroad or future career opportunities.


Rich Assortment of Summer Activities in Different Cityscapes

There are eight major cities that are homes to the eight universities hosting ONPS programs. Each year, ONPS holds various intercity programming, such as pool parties, Beach Music Festival, 3v3 basketball match, and immersive Chinese cultural activities. Students will be gaining an academic environment close to North American university standards, all the while reveling in the extra-curricular activities and exciting social events staged by these Chinese metropolises.


Strategic Career Planning Equates to Promising Professional Career

We at ONPS provide career developing programs by hosting business forums, special job-training camp for jobseekers, business social dinner/mixer, and onsite tours through established multinational corporations. Not only would you be mingling with HRD from preeminent companies, but obtain face-to-to interview experience. Career veterans representing these business institutions will not only share their useful insight and knowledge about their area of specialty, but invite you to join in their project planning under their onsite guidance. In addition, you will attend social events and dinners participated by business leaders and senior managers, as a means to network and cultivate future entrepreneurial relationships.

ONPS · Academic Elites

Join Us and Learn from Our Distinguished Academics

The host universities partnering with ONPS also share in our educational philosophy of “high quality, fine teaching.” This is reflected in our common goals of working with professors and instructors who focus on innovative pedagogical curriculums, extensive academic research, and outside communal outreach. Some of our faculty members arrive from preeminent higher learning institutions, such as Harvard University, Stanford University, Yale University, MIT, and Columbia University.

The curriculum, course work, and instructional quality all meet the international standards set by AACSB. Each interdisciplinary team of faculty members within the eight ONPS campuses comprises of assistant and associate professors dedicated to scholarly research. Meanwhile, within these team of faculty members, there are assistant and associate professors and lecturers who concentrate on pedagogy and innovative teaching practices.


Professor Emerita of French and Comparative Literature, Stanford University

Proficient in multiple languages, including French、Italian、German, etc.
Expert in researches of cultural relations between Europe, Africa and the Caribbean, etc.
Previous President of Modern Language Association (MLA)、African Studies Association (ASA)
Won numerous honors and awards, including African Literature Association Distinguished Member Award, etc.

Elisabeth Mudimbe-Boyi
Professor Emerita

Lecturer in the Writing, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication program in MIT
Founder of Crime Studies Network
Member of the International Society for the Study of Narrative and of the Modern Language Association
Editorial Advisory Board, Journal of Popular Culture
Published work : The Millennial Detective: Essays on Trends in Crime Fiction, Film, and Television.

Malcah Effron

Lecturer of Economics at Emory University
Once a researcher at Korea Energy Institute in Daejeon, Korea
Columnist at the Korean Daily Newspaper in L.A.
Economic Commentator at Radio Korea & TV Network in L.A.
Consultant at Organization of Korean Trade Association in L.A.

Jong H. Kim

Lecturer of Accounting at University of Michigan
Chartered global management accountant
Professional licensee of Certified Public Accountant in State of Tennessee
Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and of American Accounting Association
Member of the author team for textbook: Financial Accounting: A Business Perspective(10th Edition)

Jefferson P. Williams
Senior Lecturer

MBA, Harvard University
Ph.D, University of California, Berkeley
Previously Lecturing in top business school such as the Stanford University Graduate School of Business and the Wharton School
Presently a senior lecturer at the Haas School of Business of the University of California, Berkeley
Dean and Director of the Leith Society (Denmark)
Author of “The Decline of American Steel”
Co-authored book with Steven Peterson-“Business Plans for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons)” ranked among world-wide top 5 finalists in the annual Booz Allen/Financial Times "Best Business Book of the Year" award.

Professor Paul Tiffany
Senior Lecturer

Ph.D. in Physics
Associate Professor of Radiology and Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania
Won external funding from US Army Research Office、National Institutes of Health (NIH), etc.
Proposal Reviewer/Panel Member in US National Science Foundation
Journal Reviewer of AIP journals (The American Institute of Physics)
Hundreds of publications and a great number of books in Physics

Vadim A. Markel
Senior Lecturer
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ONPS, Not Just Another Classroom

ONPS offers university-level summer courses, all the while providing students with a diverse set of extra-curricular activities. City mentors and the student union on campus will guide you through the essential sites and charming features of the host urban culture.

While not all mountains and oceans can be crossed, ONPS still hopes to help you find your true self in this globalized terrain.

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  • From Students

    Chance encounters are one of fate’s beauties. As Zhang Ailing penned, “Among thousands of people, it just happens you meet those you met. Through thousands of years with the boundlessness of time, you just happen to meet, neither too early nor too late. When finally meeting, gently whisper, “Oh, you’re here too?” Are you here with me in ONPS? Playing basketball allowed me to make a lot of friends this summer. We organized a team in ONPS. In doing so, we always played basketball together, watched the match, and socialized by talking about our passion for basketball. I’m Hu Yan from Columbia University. We are classmates and teammates, and our friendship will last forever.

  • From Professors

    Hello, my name is Malcah Effron. During the regular academic year, I teach writing, rhetoric, and professional communication program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ONPS is in its mission to provide Chinese students studying at American institutions the opportunities to go home over their summer and still take course work like their American colleagues are doing. I think it’s a great idea. I am very happy to communicate with so many lovely students this summer and provide all kinds of consulting service for them. No matter in study or in time management and study skills, I hope I can help them to make better decisions, so that they can study, live and plan their career better.

  • From Students

    I decided to attend ONPS Beijing Campus for summer course in Summer 2017. This is my second time attending summer courses with ONPS. I was still a freshman when I first came to ONPS. Everything went great from the course evaluation to the credit transfer. The amazing professors and the fabulous after-class activities gave me the memory that I would not forget. Earlier this year, the Teamlab show was a hit in London. It is so difficult to get a ticket, however, I went with the crew of ONPS while the Teamlab show traveled to Beijing and had a great time. Well, it was very difficult to have a chance to communicate with professors on matters other than course materials. However, in ONPS this year, my BUS professor Yunshan Lian answered lots of questions for me and told me his personal experience in living and working in North America after he heard me saying that I have questions about job searching post-graduation. Dr. Lian also gave me advice on my resume for positions screened by recruiters. I learn something important every year when I come to ONPS. It was an amazing time staying with ONPS, since there is a highly professional and patient team in ONPS. From Course Consultant to Teaching Assistant and administrative members, every one of them channels their energies into their work dealing with our requests. Thanks to the help of ONPS, I am confident about the future. I wish all the best for ONPS, so they would be able to help more students like me.

  • From Professors

    My name is Paul A. Tiffany. I’m from University of California, Berkeley. I’m very happy to work with ONPS. Because we think we can offer a well-running program for a variety of students, we train the TAs in both English communicative skills and cultural aptitude. I’ve been very lucky with my TA and with all the staff. They’ve been extremely helpful and friendly. They were not like your typical TAs. Anything that you want, they were there to help. These are some of the perks which one doesn’t expect, and it’s so kind that the TAs make your life much more comfortable while afar from home.

  • From Students

    There were red tiles, green trees, blue sea and sky in the summer of 2017 when I met all the ONPSers here. I came to ONPS to earn more credits in the summer, so that I can have more time to do something helpful for my career development. Many of my classmates choose ONPS summer courses because they deemed that the courses offered by ONPS and the collaborative universities were no different with that of North American programs. As for me, however, this experience in a short span of time meant much more than my time in the United States. I’m Xia Zetian from Western University. I completed the whole semester’s courses within five weeks. I’ll be moving ahead with the rest of my college program.

  • From Professors

    Here this summer in Chengdu, I have taught financial accounting course, and managerial accounting course. During the past few years, I have been teaching these courses. I generally have been very pleased working with my students. The summer-school program is very demanding, as my students attend each course for two hours a day. All the while, they do have significant work they must complete in order to prepare for class each day. My students come from about 10 universities in US or in Canada. They also develop friendships in my class, and they greatly enjoy their time in the summer. We prefer those students who participate by volunteering, had managerial experience, or joined student associations such as accounting clubs. We hope students can improve leadership ability through these means. So if you are an undergraduate, please look for student organizations. Do not just join them, you should participate actively and even join in the service department, which are very important for your application. If you are interested in the summer internship, welcome and join us.

  • From Students

    There are no indulgences, pleasure-seeking or all-night revelry. Because I signed up early for ONPS International Summer School, this year's summer vacation had more of an academic and cultured atmosphere. The courses are conducted in English. In order to understand the content of the course better, I actively sought relevant course materials and read the recommended bibliography. In turn, my language ability has been greatly improved. I learned knowledge and gained many friends. Through my communication with my classmates, my insight and understanding has become more and more enriched. Now, I have no anxiety and insecurity like the early days of class. I am more relaxed and confident. Here, I would like to sincerely thank ONPS for this precious opportunity. At the end of the course, my heart is filled with sadness of separating with my teachers and friends, but I also believe that this experience will be a precious memory for us.

  • From Professors

    My name is Jong H.Kim, and I have been teaching economics at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia. I have been teaching in ONPS since 2015. Because I love the ONPS environment, in particular the staff members, I’ve dedicated to work at ONPS. Also I have met several outstanding students at ONPS, who really are enthusiastic about their education. At the same time, they always respect the professors a lot; that’s something I have not experienced in the United States very much. And also my TA has been very very supportive. For the last three years I really enjoyed the kind support and the friendliness from so many friends in the Qingdao campus.

  • From Students

    I stayed in the United States alone for a year without the accompaniment of my parents and friends. I’ve learned to cook, to replace the light bulb, and repair plumbing. I could do anything by myself! Until I found that... the feeling of being connected to others was better than I thought. Even their life trifles sounded particularly interesting. Meeting new faces is a very wonderful thing because you never know what kind of chemical reaction will stir. Thanks to all these new encounters and all the new people who helped me, I realized relationships are deeply important. I am Liu Yijun from Pennsylvania State University. From last summer to this summer, I remember everyone in ONPS.

  • Yan HuColumbia<br/>University
    Yan Hu
  • Malcah Effron Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    Malcah Effron
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Yu XiaUniversity of Manitoba
    Yu Xia
    University of Manitoba
  • Paul A. Tiffany University of California, Berkeley
    Paul A. Tiffany
    University of California, Berkeley
  • Zetian XiaUniversity of Western Ontario
    Zetian Xia
    University of Western Ontario
  • Jefferson P.WilliamsUniversity of Michigan-Ann Arbor
    Jefferson P.Williams
    University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
  • Runyu MaMinzu University of China
    Runyu Ma
    Minzu University of China
  • Jong H.KimEmory University
    Jong H.Kim
    Emory University
  • Yijun LiuThe Pennsylvania State University
    Yijun Liu
    The Pennsylvania State University

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Your Exclusive Memory with ONPS

ONPS encourages you to move beyond the campus grounds, by exploring the surrounding host city as a way to cultivate your knowledge and international experience through cultural immersion.

ONPS will help you realize your potential through cultural enrichment.