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From Professor

I’m professor Elisabeth Boyi in Stanford University, this summer makes me happy in Beijing campus, thanks for all the staff’s help. ONPS is a wonderful platform, it provides Chinese students who study in the U.S. a very good chance, when these students back to their hometown,they could use their summer to take credit courses. The staffs and volunteers have done their best on their work, they always trying to provide better environment for students and professors. In 2017, I’ll teach classes in Qingdao University, let’s play all around in Qingdao, experience the different culture and Chinese art.

Elisabeth Boyi

Stanford University

From Students

I chose to go to Minzu University of China in Beijing this summer. July in Beijing was a bit hot, this rigorous school has a different sense, yes, because there are a group of students made Wenhua building lively.5 weeks of intense summer courses was going smoothly in a happy atmosphere. From 8:30am in the morning to 8pm in the evening, you could hear professors’ words in the hallway. Through the window, you could see those students taking notes seriously. But, different from week days, various of activities in the weekends bring different relationship to students and professors ---friendship. Coffee art, costume party and etc wonderful activities were organized by the staffs of Minzu University of China International Summer School, we could feel staff’s kindness thought.Thank you for giving me a wonderful summer; for giving me a chance to meet new friends; lastly, thank you for making this world peaceful.

Lu Bo

University of Manitoba